Tommy Hilfiger x Refresh Sessions

About This Project


From the desire to build a better future and to offer the consumer 100% sustainable fashion until 2030, the brand aims to celebrate and encourage sustainability through TOMMY JEANS REFRESH SESSIONS.



In a collaboration facilitated by Pandorra for Tommy Hilfiger, the Tommy Jeans Refresh Sessions took center stage, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s engagement with the Romanian audience. This innovative corporate initiative presented a series of refreshing and dynamic sessions that aimed to redefine the conventional notions of fashion events. The past-tense reflection on these sessions encapsulates a strategic approach in enhancing the Tommy Hilfiger brand experience, introducing a distinctive platform that transcended traditional boundaries to engage and resonate with the Romanian consumer base.

Pandorra’s meticulous planning and execution of the Tommy Jeans Refresh Sessions succeeded in creating a multifaceted brand experience that seamlessly blended fashion, music, and lifestyle. The recapitulation of these sessions underscores the corporate commitment to fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its audience, providing a unique platform for dialogue and interaction. Through this corporate collaboration, Tommy Hilfiger not only showcased its latest collections but also reinforced its standing as a trendsetter in the fashion industry, appealing to the diverse tastes and preferences of the Romanian market.

The Tommy Jeans Refresh Sessions, as summarized from, exemplify Pandorra’s role as a strategic partner in curating innovative experiences for Tommy Hilfiger. By leveraging its expertise, Pandorra successfully positioned Tommy Hilfiger as a dynamic and influential force in the Romanian fashion landscape, where each session served as a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity, cultural relevance, and a forward-thinking corporate ethos.



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