Tommy Hilfiger x Live Shopping

About This Project


The first Tommy Hilfiger Live Shopping event in Romania invites you to discover an innovative way to shop and receive current styling ideas from Roxana Voloșeniuc and Domnica Mărgescu. Along with them are two special guests, content creators Mimi and Ovidiu Mureșanu, passionate, in turn, about fashion and style.



The inaugural Tommy Hilfiger Live Shopping event in Romania marked a significant stride in redefining the retail experience, inviting you to embark on an innovative journey of discovery. This distinctive event offered more than just a shopping platform; it provided an immersive space where style enthusiasts can engage with the dynamic fashion insights of Roxana Voloșeniuc and Domnica Mărgescu. Renowned for their expertise in the world of fashion, these influential figures guided participants through the latest trends, offering valuable styling ideas that transcend the conventional boundaries of traditional shopping experiences.

In the company of Roxana Voloșeniuc and Domnica Mărgescu were also two special guests, Mimi and Ovidiu Mureșanu, accomplished content creators celebrated for their passion for fashion and distinctive styles. Together, they bring a fresh perspective to the Tommy Hilfiger Live Shopping event, infusing the session with creativity and individuality. As the event unfolded, participants had the opportunity to explore and acquire the latest Tommy Hilfiger collections but also gained firsthand insights into the unique fashion sensibilities of these esteemed hosts and guests.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Live Shopping event transcended the conventional retail experience by seamlessly merging technology, fashion expertise, and individual expression. This corporate initiative reflected Tommy Hilfiger’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovative retail strategies, catering to a dynamic audience seeking more than just products – an interactive and personalized fashion journey.



  • Influencer Management
  • Concept Implementation