Tommy Hilfiger x Fashion Show 2022

About This Project


Roxana Voloșeniuc spoke with Tommy Hilfiger about his new collection, presented after three years in New York, the place where it all started for both the brand and the designer, personally.



In a noteworthy conversation hosted at the esteemed Elle headquarters in New York, Tommy Hilfiger engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue about fashion, innovation, and the brand’s enduring legacy. The session delved into the intricacies of the fashion industry, shedding light on the evolution of Tommy Hilfiger as a global powerhouse. The corporate discourse covered a spectrum of topics, ranging from the brand’s design philosophy to its commitment to sustainability, providing an intimate glimpse into the visionary mind behind the iconic fashion label.

During the Elle-hosted conversation, Tommy Hilfiger shared insights into the dynamic fashion landscape, recounting the brand’s journey through the years. The retrospective exploration touched upon pivotal moments that defined the trajectory of Tommy Hilfiger, reflecting the brand’s ability to navigate changing trends while maintaining a steadfast dedication to quality and style. The corporate discourse, captured by Elle, serves as a valuable resource for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, offering a retrospective lens into the rich tapestry of Tommy Hilfiger’s contributions to the fashion zeitgeist.

As the conversation unfolded, Elle and Tommy Hilfiger collectively delved into the brand’s recent initiatives, including its endeavors toward sustainability and social responsibility. The corporate dialogue highlighted Tommy Hilfiger’s proactive stance in addressing the environmental impact of fashion, illustrating the brand’s commitment to fostering positive change within the industry. By engaging in this insightful conversation, Tommy Hilfiger demonstrated not only a keen awareness of the fashion landscape but also a corporate ethos dedicated to continuous innovation and responsible business practices.



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