Tommy Hilfiger x ELLE Romania – Make It Possible

About This Project


Meet four people who are moving things in Romania, both through their work and, simply, through what they see: the young and diverse generation that is moving the world forward. And find inspiration in their voices, but also in the cool clothes they wear, signed by a brand that relies on diversity: Tommy Hilfiger.



Pandorra proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Elle Romania for the “Make It Possible” initiative, as featured in the esteemed publication’s special edition. This corporate partnership symbolizes a commitment to advancing sustainable practices and fostering positive change within the fashion industry. The collaborative effort aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of fashion and promote responsible consumption among readers.

The “Make It Possible” initiative, prominently featured in Elle’s special edition, showcases a collective dedication to addressing the challenges of sustainability in the fashion world. Pandorra, as a key contributor to this collaboration, emphasizes the importance of promoting ethical and environmentally conscious choices in the retail landscape. The corporate ethos behind this alliance underscores a shared responsibility to drive meaningful change and contribute to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Through this collaborative venture, Pandorra and Elle Romania aim to inspire readers to make informed choices that align with a more sustainable lifestyle. The featured content in Elle’s special edition serves as a corporate tool to educate and inform, fostering a sense of responsibility among consumers. By leveraging the influence of fashion media, this collaboration strives to instigate positive shifts in consumer behavior, encouraging a more conscious and eco-friendly approach to style and consumption.



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