Tommy Hilfiger x Diana Enciu x Otravă

About This Project


Ada Galeș and Dana Rogoz are the voices of the TOMMY HILFIGER “Pass the Mic” campaign



In a strategic partnership orchestrated by Pandorra for Tommy Hilfiger, the campaign “Pass the Mic” takes center stage, featuring the distinct voices of Ada Gales and Dana Rogoz as its prominent ambassadors. The campaign not only showcases Tommy Hilfiger’s latest collections but also serves as a platform for meaningful conversations, with Ada Gales and Dana Rogoz lending their voices to amplify essential messages within the Romanian fashion landscape.

“Pandorra Presents: Tommy Hilfiger’s Pass the Mic” unfolds as a compelling narrative in this collaborative campaign, featuring Ada Gales and Dana Rogoz as influential figures championing the ethos of inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. This corporate initiative, meticulously curated by Pandorra, not only highlights the fashion-forward designs of Tommy Hilfiger but also underscores the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and positive societal impact. The partnership strategically leverages the influence of Ada Gales and Dana Rogoz to steer conversations towards important issues, amplifying the voices of those who are often underrepresented.

The “Pass the Mic” campaign stands as a testament to Pandorra’s role as a catalyst for innovative corporate collaborations in the realm of fashion and advocacy. Through this partnership, Tommy Hilfiger, Pandorra, Ada Gales, and Dana Rogoz collectively amplify their commitment to fostering a fashion landscape that transcends traditional boundaries and embraces the principles of equality and empowerment. The campaign not only positions Tommy Hilfiger as a frontrunner in fashion but also reinforces Pandorra’s corporate ethos of driving positive change through strategic collaborations that resonate with a diverse and socially conscious audience.



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