Tommy Hilfiger – Pop up Experience

About This Project


The full-service agency Pandora Story Style and SARKK, exclusive distributor of Tommy Hilfiger in Romania, joined forces to create a special project – Tommy Jeans Pop-Up Experience. This unique experience is aligned with the global Tommy Jeans Spring 2023 campaign.



The Tommy Jeans Pop-Up Experience unfolded as a distinctive brand immersion event, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape, this corporate initiative redefined the traditional retail experience, transcending conventional boundaries to engage consumers in an immersive journey through the world of Tommy Hilfiger.

Pandorra’s meticulous planning and execution of the Tommy Jeans Pop-Up Experience provided Romanian consumers with a unique opportunity to interact with the iconic Tommy Hilfiger brand in an unconventional and memorable setting. The pop-up concept, as detailed in the article, was crafted to reflect Tommy Hilfiger’s dynamic and youthful aesthetic, offering visitors an experiential blend of fashion, culture, and community. By transforming the retail space into a vibrant and interactive showcase, Pandorra not only elevated the Tommy Hilfiger brand presence but also facilitated a personalized and engaging encounter for consumers, making a lasting impact on the local fashion scene.

The pop-up event, characterized by its innovative approach and immersive design, underscored Pandorra’s role as a strategic partner in creating unique and compelling brand experiences for Tommy Hilfiger, reinforcing the brand’s resonance with the dynamic and fashion-conscious Romanian audience.



  • Concept & Implementation
  • Influencer Management
  • Client Service