SUN Plaza – 12 Year Anniversary

About This Project


Sun Plaza celebrated their 12 Year Anniversary with a special edition of “Neatza cu Razvan & Dani”.



In celebration of the anniversary of Sun Plaza, Pandorra orchestrated a spectacular event that set the tone for an unforgettable year. Recognizing the significance of this milestone, we curated an extraordinary experience by collaborating with the leading morning show in Romania, “Neatza with Razvan & Dani.” This year’s anniversary edition was marked by the unprecedented decision to host the live broadcast of the Sunday edition directly from the heart of Sun Plaza.

The strategic move to bring the esteemed morning show to Sun Plaza proved to be a resounding success, captivating audiences across Romania and making it the talk of the town. By hosting the live broadcast, Sun Plaza became the epicenter of entertainment, as the show garnered tremendous viewership, claiming the top spot in national ratings for the day. This corporate initiative not only elevated the profile of Sun Plaza but also showcased Pandorra’s commitment to delivering exceptional and culturally resonant experiences for its patrons.

The anniversary celebration featuring the live broadcast of “Neatza with Razvan & Dani” emerged as the standout event of the year for Sun Plaza, symbolizing a commitment to creating moments of joy and connection for the community. This corporate undertaking, marked by its strategic collaboration and cultural impact, underscored Sun Plaza’s status as a dynamic hub that goes beyond retail, offering an environment where patrons can engage with unique and memorable experiences.



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