Santa Clause is coming to ParkLake

About This Project


ParkLake became the home and workshop for Santa Clause before his trip around the world to bring presents



In a heartwarming and innovative celebration of the holiday spirit, Santa Claus made ParkLake his official home, creating a magical experience for visitors during the festive season. Through a groundbreaking digital door, ParkLake transformed into a gateway for families and individuals to interact directly with Santa Claus. This innovative approach allowed visitors to share their wishes and engage in conversations with Santa, ushering in a new era of holiday festivities at ParkLake.

The adoption of a digital door not only added a touch of modernity to the traditional concept of meeting Santa Claus but also provided a safe and interactive experience for visitors. ParkLake’s commitment to creating memorable moments during the holiday season was epitomized by this unique initiative, where the magic of Christmas was brought to life through cutting-edge technology and the timeless charm of Santa’s presence.

The collaboration between Santa Claus and ParkLake underscored the mall’s dedication to fostering a joyful and inclusive environment. By embracing digital innovation, ParkLake not only hosted Santa Claus but also offered a platform for visitors to connect with the holiday icon in a way that resonated with the contemporary spirit of the season, making ParkLake a destination where cherished traditions and modern experiences coexist.



  • Media Awareness
  • Concept Implementation
  • Digital Campaign
  • Exhibition Installation

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