ParkLake x Wild Nature – An interactive exhibition

About This Project


ParkLake became the host of Wild Nature, a kids dedicated interactive exhibition



ParkLake, a hub of entertainment and culture, proudly embraced the Wild Nature exhibition—an interactive showcase designed to engage and educate young minds about diverse animals and their habitats. This immersive experience was carefully curated to provide children with a unique opportunity to learn about wildlife through interactive installations. ParkLake’s commitment to fostering educational and engaging initiatives manifested in its role as the host for this remarkable exhibition.

Pandorra, renowned for its creativity and innovative approach, played an instrumental role in bringing the Wild Nature exhibition to life at ParkLake. As the driving force behind the installation process, Pandorra ensured that the interactive elements seamlessly integrated with the mall’s dynamic environment. The collaboration with ParkLake marked a synergy of expertise, where Pandorra’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to creating captivating experiences merged seamlessly with the mall’s commitment to community enrichment.

The Wild Nature exhibition, with its diverse array of interactive animal installations, became a standout attraction within ParkLake, offering families and young visitors a captivating blend of entertainment and education. This collaboration not only reinforced ParkLake’s position as a cultural hub but also exemplified Pandorra’s ability to contribute meaningfully to projects that bridge the gap between learning and enjoyment.



  • PR Release and media awareness
  • Digital Campaign
  • Exhibition Installation