NOODLZ Official Launch

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NOODLZ Official Launch of their store in Romania, Bucharest, Plaza Romania



Noodlz marked its official entry into the Romanian culinary scene with a grand launch hosted at the iconic Plaza Romania. This momentous occasion brought together a convergence of flavors, personalities, and community engagement. Hosting the event was the esteemed Diana Munteanu, a renowned Romanian personality whose presence added a touch of sophistication to the celebration. The launch was not only a culinary debut but also a testament to Noodlz’s commitment to creating a vibrant space that appeals to both the media and curious individuals eager to explore a new gastronomic experience.

Adding to the excitement, influencers Mircea Mercea, Lorena Visan, and Flavia Barbu extended invitations to their communities, amplifying the reach of the launch beyond traditional media boundaries. Their endorsements brought a diverse array of individuals, from culinary enthusiasts to everyday people curious about the innovative offerings of Noodlz. The event, carefully curated to cater to both media professionals and the general public, showcased the brand’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility.

Plaza Romania, as the chosen venue, served as a dynamic backdrop for the launch, offering a perfect setting for attendees to immerse themselves in the culinary delights of Noodlz. The event fostered an environment where media representatives could explore and share their experiences while providing an opportunity for everyday individuals to indulge their curiosity and savor the distinctive flavors that Noodlz has brought to the Romanian dining landscape.



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