About This Project


Pandorra was partner in Gewiss’ 2022 Fishermen’s Cup



Pandorra proudly joined forces with Gewiss as a strategic partner for the prestigious 2022 Gewiss Fishermen Cup, marking a collaborative venture that seamlessly blended expertise and passion. Over the course of two days, this exclusive event brought together prominent fishermen who not only indulged in the joy of angling but also experienced an impeccably organized affair courtesy of Pandorra. The comprehensive event management extended from catering to location branding, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all participants.

As the orchestrator of this fishing extravaganza, Pandorra meticulously curated every detail to guarantee a flawless execution. From the selection of a prime location to the strategic placement of branding elements, Pandorra’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the event. The Gewiss Fishermen Cup, under the adept coordination of Pandorra, transcended the ordinary, providing a platform for both seasoned and aspiring fishermen to engage, enjoy, and forge lasting connections in a meticulously organized and branded setting.

This collaborative synergy between Pandorra and Gewiss signifies more than just a partnership; it’s a testament to the shared commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. Pandorra’s dedication to ensuring the success of the 2022 Gewiss Fishermen Cup reinforced its position as a premier event management partner, adept at transforming visions into reality and elevating brand events to unparalleled heights.



  • Project Management
  • KV
  • Location Branding and elements
  • Photo