ELLE tried ECCO Gruv

About This Project


Domnica Margescu and Sinziana Sooper tried ECCO Gruv in a dedicated ELLE Romania project for ECCO.



In a strategic collaboration between ELLE Romania and ECCO, a compelling video vlog emerged, providing an in-depth exploration of the ECCO Gruv shoe. Hosted by Domnica Margescu, the esteemed Fashion Editor of ELLE Romania, and Sinziana Sooper, an influential figure and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) of the campaign, the vlog seamlessly combined industry expertise with genuine enthusiasm. The video delves into the unique features of the ECCO Gruv, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of why this footwear stands out as an exceptional choice.


Domnica Margescu, with her discerning eye for fashion, dissected the intricate details of the ECCO Gruv, shedding light on its design, functionality, and versatility. Complementing this analysis was Sinziana Sooper’s dynamic perspective, drawing on her influential voice to emphasize why ECCO Gruv is a must-have for individuals seeking both style and comfort. The vlog not only served as a platform for showcasing the distinctive qualities of the shoe but also presented it as a compelling investment for those with discerning tastes and practical needs.


The collaboration between ELLE Romania, Domnica Margescu, and Sinziana Sooper represents a convergence of fashion authority and contemporary influence. By dissecting the ECCO Gruv through the lens of both a seasoned fashion editor and a key influencer, the vlog amplifies the campaign’s reach and impact, positioning the ECCO Gruv as a compelling choice for individuals in search of footwear that seamlessly blends fashion and functionality.



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  • Media Awareness
  • Content Writing