ELLE Live Shopping Experience with ECCO

About This Project


During the Black Friday edition of 2022, Maurice Munteanu helped people chose their favorite ECCO Products.



ECCO joined forces with ELLE Romania and Maurice Munteanu to elevate the 2022 Black Friday Collection through a dedicated live shopping session on YouTube. Renowned Fashion Editor Maurice Munteanu took center stage during the event, offering viewers a curated insight into the collection’s unparalleled quality and heritage. The live session not only showcased ECCO’s commitment to excellence but also provided a unique platform for Maurice to delve into the compatibility of ECCO products with various clothing choices.

Maurice Munteanu’s expertise in the fashion domain shone through as he skillfully navigated the live shopping session, providing valuable commentary on the versatility of ECCO’s offerings. Beyond merely showcasing products, the session served as an immersive experience where Maurice elucidated on the enduring quality and heritage embedded in ECCO shoes. Viewers were treated to a comprehensive guide on how to integrate ECCO footwear seamlessly into diverse wardrobe choices, enhancing their Black Friday shopping experience.

This collaborative venture between ECCO, ELLE Romania, and Maurice Munteanu exemplifies a synergistic approach to Black Friday promotions, where fashion expertise and product excellence converge. By leveraging the power of live shopping on YouTube, ECCO not only engaged its audience in real-time but also positioned its 2022 Black Friday Collection as a must-have, endorsed by the discerning insights of Maurice Munteanu and the reputable platform of ELLE Romania.



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