ECCO x Sorin Bontea – ST 360, THERAP, BIOM 2.0 Campaign

About This Project


Huge fan of the brand, Sorin Bontea was chosen to be KOL for the Romanian campaign for ST 360, THERAP, BIOM 2.0



ECCO proudly announces the esteemed culinary maestro, Sorin Bontea, as the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for a trio of groundbreaking products—ST 360, THERAP, and BIOM 2.0. Renowned for his culinary expertise and discerning taste, Chef Bontea seamlessly aligns with the ethos of ECCO, making him the perfect ambassador for these cutting-edge offerings. The collaboration between Sorin Bontea and ECCO was a natural evolution, stemming from the chef’s longstanding affinity for ECCO, a brand he has admired even before the formalization of this collaborative endeavor.

Chef Bontea’s endorsement brings a new dimension to the ST 360, THERAP, and BIOM 2.0 campaign, infusing it with a blend of gastronomic expertise and genuine appreciation for ECCO’s commitment to innovation. His status as a culinary icon and influencer amplifies the resonance of these products within both the culinary and lifestyle spheres. The partnership symbolizes the convergence of excellence, where ECCO’s commitment to quality meets Chef Bontea’s passion for exceptional experiences.

The synergy between Sorin Bontea and ECCO not only extends the reach of the campaign within Romania but also reinforces the authenticity of the brand. As a true aficionado of ECCO, Chef Bontea’s collaboration transcends traditional endorsements, embodying a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, they embark on a journey to redefine standards and elevate the ST 360, THERAP, and BIOM 2.0 products to new heights of recognition and acclaim.



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