ECCO x Sinziana Sooper – Collections

About This Project


Sinziana Sooper became KOL for ECCO in different moments to promote the brand



From 2020 to 2023, Sinziana Sooper, much like her esteemed counterpart Andreea Balaban, emerged as a pivotal voice for ECCO, contributing significantly to the brand’s resonance within the fashion landscape. Sinziana’s influence spanned this period, as she ardently promoted ECCO with her signature supercalifragelistic style, infusing the brand with a touch of awesomeness that resonated with a diverse and appreciative audience.

Sinziana Sooper’s journey as a brand advocate unfolded with remarkable flair, as she skillfully integrated her unique personal style into ECCO’s narrative. Through her promotional efforts, Sinziana not only showcased ECCO’s diverse product range but also underscored the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Her ability to seamlessly blend the essence of ECCO with her fantastic touch of awesomeness created a compelling synergy that captivated fashion enthusiasts and elevated ECCO’s profile within the industry.

During this period, Sinziana Sooper became synonymous with ECCO’s ethos, embodying the brand’s values through her vibrant and dynamic representation. Her remarkable influence played a pivotal role in shaping ECCO’s narrative, making her an indispensable asset in amplifying the brand’s message of style, comfort, and quality across diverse demographics.



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