About This Project


Corona & Sinziana Sooper sends you to Corona Island.



In a captivating endeavor to transport individuals to a realm of wonders, Corona orchestrated a National Consumer Promotion (NCP) that invited participants to embark on an enchanting journey to Corona Island. The entire promotion was spearheaded by the charismatic Sinziana Sooper, a central figure whose role infused the campaign with authenticity and charm. Corona Island emerged as a symbolic destination, a place where the extraordinary met the exceptional, embodying the spirit of the brand.


Sinziana Sooper, as the linchpin of this venture, lent her influential voice and persona to the promotion, weaving a narrative that resonated with audiences across diverse demographics. Her active engagement and endorsement heightened the allure of Corona Island, elevating it beyond a mere destination and into a realm of experiential wonder. The seamless integration of Sooper’s influence into the promotion not only reinforced the brand’s identity but also forged a genuine connection with consumers seeking moments of escape and inspiration.


The success of the NCP was further amplified through strategic media partnerships. Corona strategically leveraged the promotional prowess of three esteemed magazines—VIVA, Unica, and OK Magazine. Through targeted media campaigns, the allure of Corona Island was brought to life within the pages of these influential publications, captivating the imagination of readers and extending the reach of the promotion. This synergy between a captivating personality, a mythical destination, and strategic media alliances culminated in a promotion that transcended conventional marketing, leaving an indelible mark on the collective consciousness.



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