ABB – Reaching New Heights Together

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ABB had the WorldWide Conference with Romania being the host this year.



In a triumphant convergence of industry leaders and visionaries, Pandorra orchestrated a three-day symposium at the illustrious Marriott Bucharest. Under the distinguished guidance of the seasoned host, Alessandra Stoicescu, the conference unfolded as a meticulously curated exploration of insights and innovations. The ambiance buzzed with anticipation, setting the stage for a transformative exchange of knowledge and ideas.


At the heart of this intellectual gathering stood the revered Jim Lawless, a luminary in his own right. With an eloquence that resonated throughout the venue, Lawless delivered a keynote address that left an indelible mark on the minds of attendees. His words, a compass guiding us toward uncharted territories, mirrored the overarching theme of the event: “Reaching New Heights. Together.”


The culmination of this extraordinary assembly found its crescendo in the Gala hosted at the opulent Palatul Regal of Bucharest. Against the backdrop of regal splendor, attendees reveled in an evening of networking, celebration, and recognition. The grandeur of Palatul Regal served as a fitting testament to the heights attainable through collective effort and shared aspirations. “Reaching New Heights. Together” echoed in every conversation, a rallying cry for unity and progress that reverberated far beyond the confines of the event.



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