Storytellers are the new Superheroes

Corporate & Commercial Events

We combine effectively our business & marketing knowledge, project management capabilities and, also, passion for storytelling, to deliver more than events. An experience, a well implemented project, a unique event and a quality follow-up are all faces of the product that we build for each of our clients.
We believe in the power of good stories, and that is what makes our projects truly memorable.

Trainings & Team Buildings

A company’s power and success lie in its team. The people are those who find solutions, propose ideas, plan the next steps and implement what they have decided together. That is the reason why we strongly recommend our clients to organize specific trainings and team buildings. Starting from the number of team members, their activity, their problems, we develop customized trainings and experiences, so their activity will be even better after the proposed program.

Support Services

PR and Media Communication, Graphic design and more – all these contribute to a unitary, memorable image of the company.
We can develop the entire visual identity of a product, or we can just align our ideas to the existing image.
What makes us different is our attention to the way brand connects to the potential consumer.




Finished projects


Team members