About Us


An old saying remind us to look inside when answers are needed… This is our team… Passion, hobbies to work with, personalities that vary in style and intensity united by a unique flame – to show things can be different when who you are inside reaches the outside… And this is about authentic brands that speak their essence, about conscious companies that leave a mark, about people and memorable events. We just translate this into practice… Our identity – our projects, our partners’ testimonials, our life and much more… We love to be challenged!

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Amazing amazone
Amazing Amazon

Amazons know best how to shoot a bow, but our Amazing Amazon is amazing precisely because she always reach the target. Although we are not in the jungle, marketing and advertising works like this: you need a good ‘arrow’ to get the best results.

The soul reader
The Sould Reader

She believes every being has a story to tell and that is why she gets into the soul of things, reach the essence and translate it into marketing strategy and tactics. Passionate about psychology and life of people she is there to give voice of our clients’ stories.

Cat Woman
Cat Woman

She is agile and careful to details, just like a cat. She believes in well-told stories and, most of all, in what people feel when they discover an amazing story. No matter how difficult the brief is, she always finds the right solution. Her best weapon is her smile.

The flash

Flash is not just a name, it is the way our colleague does his work. Promptly, seriously, with confidence and determination. His motto: ‘Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’. For this reason, he is responsible for implementation.

The flying man
Flying Man

It’s a bird! it’s a plane! NO, it’s our Flying Man! Always cheerful and funny, he might seem a little bit too talkative, but he is always very serious about his clients’ projects. He travels a lot to organize successful team buildings and his greatest joy is to see cohesive teams.

Super mom
Super Mom

Every team should have a Mom. Ours is very attentive to details and manages to organize everybody and everything. Among her skills are flexibility, adaptability and planning, but what our clients and us value the most is her caring for others.

Super hero accountant
Superhero accountant

Maybe we are a great team, but what would we have done without a good accountant? Besides the fact she is very organized and good with knowledge of mathematics, she has a lot of patience with us. That is truly remarkable!

The road runner
Road Runner

He likes to travel and find the best solutions related to our projects. He is fast, reliable and always one step ahead of potential problems. Probably his best motto is: “always on the go”.



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